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125 KHz RFID Card

125 kHz RFID cards are a product of the technological advancements that exist in today’s digitally progressive era. These smart cards are best known for their use in contactless data transmission and provide energy without needing battery support. 125 kHz is much appreciated for its operating distance, which is around 100 mm per your antenna geometry. This highly recommended card comes with the data integrity of 16 Bit CRC, uniformity, a bit of both coding and counting that allows anti-collision.

Radiofrequency Identification Device

The technology refers to the transfer of digital data in smart labels or tags, and the reader captures RFID tags data through radio waves. The system is similar to a barcoding database but has a wider scope than a basic barcode asset tracking software.

It’s key to note that top-notch quality RFD tag data can be read when not in sight. However, for the barcode system to work out, you need to have the barcode in line with an optical scanner.

Why Do We Need A 125 KHz RFID Card?

Many industries are using the 125 kHz smart card to become more self-reliant and enjoy smoother operations. The card can be used to get access to control and handle one’s ticketing in the public transport sector. This helps the authorities manage masses effectively and efficiently. The nature of ticketing can be utilities for different sorts of events too. Lastly, it can also be used in gaming and identity creation. 

Potential Strengths Of Using 125 KHz RFID Card

125 kHz RFID card has a reputation in the market for maintaining utmost security. You can set individual keys per sector to support multiple applications in accordance with the hierarchy. One needs to remember that each device has a unique serial number, and the transport key protects access to electrically erasable programmable read-only memory on-chip delivery. Some of the general advantages of using RFID card includes:

  • Data encryption
  • Durability
  • Print with a bar code (optional)
  • Higher Read rate

With such great potential and a futuristic approach, it becomes almost necessary to equip your organization with the right set of tools that guarantee reduced errors and makes your life easier.

So, what are you waiting for?

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  • T5577 RFID Card
  • Customized shape and card size
  • Amazing eye-catching printing and designs
  • Direct supply from the factory of NFC cards
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