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RFID Vehicle Tags

RFID Vehicle Tags are mounted on a given zone of your vehicle. The tags are located on the car’s front side around the windshield, headlights, or any other place where you may deem necessary. 

The tag contains data about the vehicle and can allow authorization to enter restricted parking lots, toll stations, and other high-security zones. 

Additionally, the vehicle’s RFID system is used by car dealers to track their cars and manage their inventories. As such, the system helps them know the vehicle’s exact location, the repair status, and the car’s speed, among other parameters.

The headlight label is mounted on the outside of the headlight using a transparent adhesive. The ultra-thin, flexible UHF sticker format is easy to install. The headlight label is useful for vehicles with metalized windshield because this metalization will hinder placement Reliable operation of tags and cards inside the vehicle.

UHF Gen 2 RFID tire tags are electronic tags encapsulated in rubber. The label is attached to the tire inner tube through a permanent adhesive through a special formula of double curing chemical or heating process. It is suitable for tire factory, automobile factory tire, racing track and vehicle management.

RFID windshield tags are the perfect solution for vehicle identification. Use any tracked vehicle, whether on a toll road, in a secure parking lot, or a closed residential area.
Passive RFID tags provide a reading range of more than 20 feet, enabling efficient entry and exit With WXR’s RFID windshield tags, there is no need for on-site staff and no need to stop and buy a card reader.

RFID rearview mirror tags are very suitable for temporary access control applications, these applications do not need to be permanently fixed to the windshield, it is the best choice for access control of parking lots, gated communities, and any passing vehicles. 

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