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NFC Card Manufacturer

NFC card comprises an antenna and chip. This chip is a Microchip containing a small amount of technology and memory. This combination allows communication with other devices wirelessly VIA the antenna. There are various cards available for different purposes on our website.

What Is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless and contactless solution that connects the digital and physical world by enabling a direct brand with mobile consumer engagement. This contactless connection is established by using the electronic chips of NFC. This non-contacting connection is developed by using electronic NFC chips.

When the connection is established, your mobile can communicate with other NFC compatible devices. However, the radius of the wireless connection of devices should be about 3-4 centimeters. The NFC card’s primary purpose is to allow the connected devices to send and receive information over an NFC connection, so the devices don’t rely on WIFI, 4G, Lite.

You can use NFC for various mobile applications such as:

  • Payments can be made with a touch though contactless card POS (point-of-sale)
  • You can read information and select special offers, discounts, and coupons from smart billboards or posters.
  • You can also store tickets for events, transportation, and parking access.
  • Personal information can be stored through NFC ensuring secure access to the building.

Transform Your Daily Life With Our NFC Cards!

• Daily Use
NFC cards can control your smartphone by directly changing the configuration or setting like pairing Bluetooth, setting the alarm, launching navigation or app, controlling screen brightness, directing sound volume and connecting to the care system.
You can also communicate through NFC card technology by sending SMS, making calls, sharing a contact, updating social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. or even sending a business card.
• For Business
Transform your day-to-day work/business activities by including an NFC business card in your life. This modern solution is ideal for entrepreneurs, busy individuals, business owners and corporate workers.
At WXR, we offer personalized NFC cards made according to your choice. We are providing custom shapes, sizes and design options to the customer.

All our cards work efficiently with all the compatible NFC phones. No matter if you have Windows, Android or Blackberry, our NFC Cards are compatible with all these phones.

    • NFC Business cards
    • NFC ID cards
    • NFC visiting cards
    • NFC access cards
    • NFC membership cards
    • NFC Proximity Cards
    • White NFC Card
    • Custom Printed NFC Cards
    • NFC paper cards
  • Customized shape and card size
  • Amazing eye-catching printing and designs
  • Direct supply from the factory of NFC cards
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