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On Metal RFID Tags

On Metal RFID Tags​ are RFID tags designed to work optimally on metal surfaces. They are modified to overcome the challenges that an ordinary RFID tag would experience when operating on metal surfaces. For example, they have been enhanced to avoid detuning and reflecting of RFID signals.

These modifications ensure that you get a better read range and overall improved functionality. Manufacturers use the following techniques to enhance the functionality of RFID tags on metal surfaces:

  • Provide a small space between the antenna and the metal. The spacer serves to protect the antenna from the adverse effects of the metal. This approach results in relatively big tags. 
  • Focus on making a specialized antenna with a unique ability to use signal reflection and metal interference for a better read range. 

The on-metal tags are essential in asset tracking, industrial manufacturing, pipeline maintenance, and weapon tracking. 

RFID shelf labels are mainly made of PCB or ABS materials, coupled with an anti-metal antenna design, in addition, a layer of acrylic or glue can be attached to the surface to look more beautiful. Embedded RFID chips are usually high frequency or ultra-high frequency, you can choose freely. In addition, you can customize the size, color, craft, etc.

Generally, ordinary NFC tags do not work near metal. These anti-metal NFC tags (also called metal tags) are specially made, using absorbing materials, so that NFC tags can work normally on metal surfaces. For example, it can be attached to the surface of a metal notebook computer case and a metal packaging box.

UHF flexible anti-metal tag has the characteristics of light, thin, small, and soft. It can be coded and printed at any time and can be applied to many media surfaces. For complex curved surfaces, real-time data updates, and coding, it has the characteristics of a reliable and stable application.

Mini UHF Metal Tag​  is mainly used in indoor asset management, inspection management, and tool management, with small size, easy installation, and stable and reliable product performance. Our metal RFID tags are designed to work on a variety of metal surfaces and are very suitable for your metal surface applications.

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