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Benefits Of 13.56MHz RFID Card

Our 13.56MHZ RFID cards are reasonable in price and offer you reliable daily application. Our smart cards are easy to use and have a secure mode for identification. These RFID smart cards are mostly used in applications that need personal data, secure and fast transactions.

What Is RFID?

RFID or (Radiofrequency identification) refers to a technology that encodes digital data in the smart labels, and the reader captures RFID tags VIA waved of radio. This technology is similar to barcoding in a database.

RFID has several benefits over the system that uses the barcode asset tracking software. One of the most striking advantages is that its tag data can be decoded outside the sightline; however, the optical scanner should be aligned with the barcodes.

How Does RFID Technology Work?

This technology belongs to the set of different technologies known as AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture). This method identifies the objects, collects the data about them automatically. Lastly, it enters the data into the computer systems without human intervention or little help from humans.

How Does An RFID Card Work?

RFID is incorporated in numerous contactless cards. The smart card stores the information on the chip, which is embedded in it. The chip comprises a secure embedded internal memory and microprocessor Also, the antenna is fixed in the plastic cards.

The purpose of RFID technology is to use the communication between the reader and power the smart card. This technology works on a short-range of less than 4 inches. So, the card must be held close to the reader. The reader and card communicate using the frequency of the radio through the embedded antenna.

When the RFID card is bought into the reader’s electromagnetic field, the smart card’s chip is powered on that ultimately initiates the wireless communication protocol between the reader and card to start the data transferring process.

Day To Day Activities

Transform your daily business activities/day-to-day work by adding an RFID card to your life. This modern solution is ideal for entrepreneurs, busy individuals, business owners, daily workers, corporate workers, and anyone who wants ease in life.

The Right Card For An Easy Life!

Our RFID cards offer 3-30 MHz, where typical RFID operates at the 13.56 MHZ with the read ranges between 10 cm to 1 meter. This RFID HF system experience moderate sensitivity to the interference. These RFID smart card applications include payments, fare payments, debit/credit cards, ticketing, and data transfer applications.

  • Blank RFID cards
  • Access control cards
  • RFID business
  • RFID ticket Cards
  • RFID dual frequency cards
  • RFID wooden cards

At [ABC Insert Company Name], we offer personalized RFID 13.56MHz cards made according to your choice. We are providing custom shape, sizes and design options according to customer preferences.

  • Customized shape and card size
  • Amazing eye-catching printing and designs
  • Direct supply from the factory of NFC cards
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