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Customized NFC Printing PVC Card NTAG424 DNA Card

Unlock the next level of security with our Customized NFC Printing PVC Card NTAG424 DNA Card. This cutting-edge CR80 RFID card is designed to meet the highest standards of security, including ISO/IEC14443 Type-A and NFC Forum Type 4, with AES-128 encryption and SUN authentication features for secure NFC messaging. Compatible with Android and iOS11+, our card is the ideal choice for secure NFC and IoT applications, such as cryptocurrency wallets and NFTs.

Crafted from high-quality PVC material, our Customized NFC Printing PVC Card NTAG424 DNA Card is the perfect solution for RFID system integrators and users looking for top-of-the-line security. With global reach and a track record of excellence, our card offers the peace of mind and reliability you need for your most critical applications.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose our Customized NFC Printing PVC Card NTAG424 DNA Card for unmatched security, reliability, and peace of mind. Order yours today and experience the difference that our cutting-edge technology can make in your RFID hardware needs.

Product Parameter Description
Material High-Quality Epoxy
Technology NFC (Near Field Communication)
Compatibility Compatible with all NFC-enabled devices
Size Convenient (Specific dimensions depend on the particular   product)
Durability Highly durable
Water Resistance Waterproof
Additional Features Ideal for quick installation of touch-free NFC applications   onto any surface
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