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What is an RFID tag? RFID tag describes the entire entity that comes with the chip. Besides the RFID chip, the tag consists of an antenna and a substrate. The antenna enables the chip to receive radio waves from the reader and transmit data. The substrate is used to house the antenna and the chip.

RFID animal tags are designed to enable farmers to identify and track their livestock. The devices are highly flexible, which allows you to use them on cattle, pets, fish, and any other animal you wish to track.

RFID Key Fob are RFID tags designed to take the shape of key fobs. They comprise a microchip and an antenna. The chip stores data while the antenna receives and transmits radio waves that aid in data exchange.

On Metal RFID Tags​ are RFID tags designed to work optimally on metal surfaces. They are modified to overcome the challenges that an ordinary RFID tag would experience when operating on metal surfaces. For example, they have been enhanced to avoid detuning and reflecting of RFID signals.

RFID Vehicle Tags are mounted on a given zone of your vehicle. The tags are located on the car’s front side around the windshield, headlights, or any other place where you may deem necessary. 

Laundry RFID tags are tags designed to track linen, uniforms, and other garments. They are mostly made with a soft rubber casing, which makes them resistant to water and detergents.

An RFID card refers to an identification badge/ credit card designed to transfer data to an RFID interrogator. The card contains an RFID tag with sufficient memory to capture valid cardholder’s information. Also, the RFID card can be made from different materials, including plastic and PVC.

The RFID sticker is generally composed of a surface layer, It uses to tag your inventory and other expensive items to enable tracking. It performs the same duty as any other RFID tag. It has an RFID antenna and an integrated circuit for data storage. 

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