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Blank RFID Card Supplier

A blank RFID Card is a plastic connecting card, including IC. They are also seldom called smart ID cards, blank chip cards, PVC smart card chips, or Contactless cards. PVC chip cards depending on the type of card and the innovative card vendor.

Blank smart cards with chips made of PVC, PET, or Paper stock. The conventional shape is credit card aspect, PVC card size: 85.554mm or custom.

Recurrence can be LF (125khz), HF (13.56mhz), UHF (860-960mhz)

Student cards, you can print various personal knowledge and photo on the blank RFID card as student photo cards. Use for return cards in the canteen, library card, entrance cards to the door. Employee cards, you can print employee’s specifications on the RFID card used for access control cards. You only need a thermal printer. It’s easy to make up cards for new members’ publication.

Tip: Be careful as many manufacturers have different arrangements that are one letter or frame off. Then you could end up with illegal card stock. If you do not know what type of RFID card technology you are using, take a picture of the RFID product label and email it to your express badging ID authority.

What Are We Offering?

  • RFID Contiguity Cards, Contactless Smart Cards, and Key Fobs
  • Closeness Card Forms (125kHz)
  •  Contactless Smart Cards (13.56MHZ)
  • High-Frequency RFID
  • Ultra-High Frequency
  • Multi-Tech Formats
  • Guru Level Deals and Supporter

RFID cards and chief fobs are proven and stable technologies utterly compatible with all proxy users.And it supports over 137 billion different codes. Express badging can help you choose the right blank RFID cards.That is cooperative with your RFID-enabled operation’s technology. Our selection includes blank RFID cards in various forms and operating repetitions, including 125MHz vicinity cards, 13.56MHz contactless smart cards, UHF, NFC, plus multi-format RFID cards.

Blank RFID Card Is More Accessible Than Printing An RFID Card? Not Quite:

  • There are some features you must pay heed to.
  • Overlay must-have if you need to be published.
  • Full version print needs a unique method for the chip place, or it’s irregular for printing.
  • The dismissal rate higher than printing cards due to the dust or dot is visible.
  • Customized shape and card size
  • Amazing eye-catching printing and designs
  • Direct supply from the factory of RFID cards
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