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RFID Silicone Wristbands Manufacturer

RFID silicone bracelet is waterproof and wear-resistant, mainly used in leisure places, theme parks, water parks, sports activities, and outdoor activities. Applications include brand activation, cashless payment, and access control. They can also be used to capture visitor data, monitor activity time, and perform security locker management.

Many people are now wearing silicone wristbands because of their lightweight on their wrists, and they look cool and stylish on the wearer. Today, it has become a fashion statement. This is one of the favorite choices of young people.

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RFID Silicone Wristbands FAQ:

There are many places where the RFID wristband can act as a helpful tool, e.g., musical concerts, festivals, marketing events, fairs, bars, nightclubs, cruise lines, hotels, swimming pools, water parks, playgrounds, sports events, GYM, hospitals and a lot more.

RFID stands for radiofrequency identification. Scanners or specialist readers read these wrist bands. The scanners capture the data from the RFID tag and transfer it to the back-end computer system. No physical contact is present in this process, which is what we need. To understand the working consider the barcode on the can of soda/any product. The barcode scans the database of information about the details of the product. It may be a name, price, weight, etc.

Three types of tags are present in RFID wristbands.

  • Active – Active RFID tags have an on-board battery. They send information regularly and do not need a reader.
  • Passive – Passive RFID tags use the reader's energy for their power; they do not have a built-in battery. This is the most popular type for large scale outdoor events and places.
  • Battery-Assisted – Battery-Assisted RFID tags have a battery that only powers the tag when it is in the reader's proximity.

The most significant RFID tags can store up to 3720 bytes of information. It is enough to keep identification credentials, coupons, purchasing credits, access control to hotels, and VIP areas. Some wristbands can even store social media information. So you can have your activity or photos posted on social media upon walking through a particular checkpoint.

Depending upon the type of use, there are different limits of the range of FRID wrist bands. According to the festival or event, you can choose options from low to ultra-high frequency radiations.Sensing range is between 0-5m.

With the help of these wristbands, event organizers can get an idea of how they interact with the venue. We can highlight busy periods, popular attractions, and queue times to optimize the visitor's experience. So, there's a whole of information for an event planner that can help figure out what's going on and improve their strategies in the future. It is also possible to pinpoint an advertiser or a sponsor, and where the brand name should be.

Benefits of RFID wristbands

Many event organizers prefer RFID silicone wristbands due to cost-saving, security, and revenue-increasing benefits. All this helps to make their functions successful. Due to their comfort, it offers these wristbands are becoming popular. The live music industry has adopted RFID silicone wristband technology to open new revenues.

Apart from data collection, RFID wristband has many advantages. These wrist bands are hard to resell or replicate. Deactivation of the wristband is possible if someone loses his/her wristband.

If you do not want a “one time in “policy in any event, it makes people in and out more thoroughly. By swiping a wrist band for entry makes the entry of people quick, getting rid of long queues. The data can also help manage the access of people through different entrances avoiding long lines. If the wristbands make the payments in events, people will not need to fiddle with credit cards or cash during the events. This makes things easy and smooth during events and functions.

Good quality silicone FRID wristbands are suitable for any environment and temperature. Silicone wristbands of food-grade silicone material are environment friendly. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, degradable.

These wristbands are easy to clean and durable, so they last over a more extended period. They are moisture-proof, so they are usable in any humid environment. They are dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and high-temperature resistance. If you want to know more about RFID wristbands, please contact us.

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