Wearable Gel Dispenser Bracelet

Gel Dispenser Bracelet is a new product that allows you to keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere, you can choose to add RFID tags. The wristband dispenser looks like a silicone wristband, but it is more special because it contains a container that can hold 13-15ml of liquid. You can put hand sanitizer, 75% alcohol, disinfectant, or mosquito repellent in it.

Gel Dispenser Bracelets
  • Easy to carry: it is portable that you wear it on your wrist, disinfecting your hand anytime and anywhere.
  • Safe and non-toxic: the use of food-grade silicone materials, safety, and environmental protection.
  • Good quality: waterproof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, colorfast
  • Adjustable size: men and women, old and young, suitable for everyone
  • Support customization: a variety of colors and styles, free choice
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