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RFID Fabric Wristbands

RFID Fabric wristband is a durable and convenient product for wearing on the wrist. These wristbands are beautiful and comfortable to wear in appearance yet super useful. That’s why it is loved by the end-users and enterprises. With the RFID Fabric Wristband, you can adopt cashless solutions, which is making it one of the popular and convenient RFID options in the market. The typical RFID fabric wrist band is made up of woven, satin and sublimation.

What Are We Offering?

  • Hand transfer printing
  • Customized logo
  • Colors can be customized
  • Water/weatherproof
  • Material can be of your choice.

RFID Fabric Wristbands FAQ:

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is the process or method of transferring the specific identity of any RFID-enabled object like RFID cards, tags or wristband using the radio waves. This technology enables the scanner or reader to collect the data on the RFID chip and then transfer it back to the back-end computer system without needing anyphysical contact.

The RFID Fabric wristband works perfectly for large or even smaller events. When tapped or read by the RFID scanner, it will transfer the data in the programmed radio signals, which quickly identifies the tag fixed in the wristband. In less than a microsecond, the RFID tag receives the transmission and responds with a specific identity. The RFID Wristbands for both the staff and guests alike speed up the wait timings and shorten the admissions.

Three types of tags are present in RFID wristbands.

  • Active – Active RFID tags have an on-board battery. They send information regularly and do not need a reader.
  • Passive – Passive RFID tags use the reader's energy for their power; they do not have a built-in battery. This is the most popular type for large scale outdoor events and places.
  • Battery-Assisted – Battery-Assisted RFID tags have a battery that only powers the tag when it is in the reader's proximity.

The most significant RFID tags can store up to 3720 bytes of information. It is enough to keep identification credentials, coupons, purchasing credits, access control to hotels, and VIP areas. Some wristbands can even store social media information. So you can have your activity or photos posted on social media upon walking through a particular checkpoint.

Depending upon the type of use, there are different limits of the range of FRID wrist bands. According to the festival or event, you can choose options from low to ultra-high frequency radiations.Sensing range is between 0-5m.

With the help of these wristbands, event organizers can get an idea of how they interact with the venue. We can highlight busy periods, popular attractions, and queue times to optimize the visitor's experience. So, there's a whole of information for an event planner that can help figure out what's going on and improve their strategies in the future. It is also possible to pinpoint an advertiser or a sponsor, and where the brand name should be.

RFID Fabric Wristband Benefits

The RFID wristband enables the entry portals for the attendees through which they don’t need to find their tickets or stand in the large ques; instead, they just need to scan their wristbands. This result in the reduction of the staff and resources required for the events. Plus, if the wristbands are connected to the database, they store a guest’s photo ID, speeding up the ID checks at the entry or the front gate.

The main advantage of the RFID fabric wristband is:

  • It is an inexpensive option as compared to other digital wrist bands.
  • The organizers can add the different style advertisement on the wristband, which makes it an interactive tool
  • The wristband can be adjusted according to every age group of consumer.

Other benefits of the RFID Fabric Wristbands are:

  • It enhances security.
  • It assists the staff.
  • RFID wristbands help the staff in the event management
  • It offers instant customer insights.
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