Animal RFID Tags

RFID animal tags are designed to enable farmers to identify and track their livestock. The devices are highly flexible, which allows you to use them on cattle, pets, fish, and any other animal you wish to track.
They are encoded with information such as the ranch name, a unique ID identifier, and age. Most of the tags are available as ear tags. However, you can opt for injectable RFID ampoule RFID tags

125 kHz RFID ear tags are specially designed for animal management and are usually used to mark pigs, sheep, goats, or other similar animals. It complies with ISO 11784/5 FDX-B standard. The ear tag is compact in size, light in weight, and strong in collision resistance.

UHF ear tags can work in the 860 MHz to 960 MHz frequency band, with a maximum reading range of 5 m (16.40 ft), and the collision avoidance rate can read multiple tags at a time. 

The HF 13.56 MHz Dog RFID tag is made of coin card and epoxy. It can be worn with rope and a necklace. It supports ISO 15693 and 14443 NFC memory chips and can write your dog information.

The glass tube is a small RFID tag under a sealed glass column, and the surface material is non-slip. They have good chemical stability, long service life, and can be immersed in water.

The 134.2 kHz RFID Pegeon Bird Ring Tag is specially designed for pigeon racing. It can be easily worn on the feet of the pigeon. The open-loop tag is strong and lightweight, which is very suitable for pigeon tracking and chicken tracking in harsh environments. We provide LF and HF frequency bands.

This all-in-one 134.2 kHz low-frequency RFID ear tag is specially designed for animal management and is usually used to mark sheep, goats and cattle. Its plastic must be flexible enough to bend without breaking, it must be hard enough to make holes through fashionable old ears, hard enough to protect the internal electronics, and small and light to carry

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