Hand Sanitizer Wristband With RFID

Wristband hand sanitizer is a very practical invention. You can choose to add an RFID tag. With it, you can keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere, away from bacteria, and you can also have it for access control and playground activities.
In this special period of COVID-19, it is best for each of us to have one.
It is a good choice to buy some for your family or to promote it as a gift.

Gel Dispenser Bracelets
  • Easy to carry: it is portable that you wear it on your wrist, disinfecting your hand anytime and anywhere.
  • Safe and non-toxic: the use of food-grade silicone materials, safety, and environmental protection.
  • Good quality: waterproof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, colorfast
  • Adjustable size: men and women, old and young, suitable for everyone
  • Support customization: a variety of colors and styles, free choice
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