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Temperature measurement positioning bracelet

Fever is one of the most important symptoms of CO-VID 19, and temperature measurement has naturally become a key task in preventing the spread of the virus. How to comprehensively perform effective temperature measurements to ensure human safety and public health is an important issue. WXR provides a Real-time temperature monitoring system and matching bracelets to help everyone better prevent the CO-VID 19


Material: Silicone+PC+PCBA Size:220*35*9mm Color: Black, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, orange Weight:20g Waterproof level: IP67

Core Parameter

Master: ARM–Cortex M4 core Bluetooth SOC Bluetooth: BLE5.0 Sensor:2 medical contact temperature sensors, continuous and uninterrupted body temperature monitoring, power on and start working

Electrical Performance Parameters

Battery: 2032 button battery Continuous monitoring for 7 days: maximum of 30 days (standby) Normal use: 7 days (moderate) Continuous temperature detection: continuous monitoring of 180 antennas (monitoring every 1 minute)

Bluetooth Interface Introduction

Bluetooth data broadcasting: standard Bluetooth data broadcasting, including MAC and RSSI values ​​(used for positioning), customizable by the customer (including the latest body temperature data, battery power) content is broadcast by default at 1 minute Bluetooth API interface: The connection includes Bluetooth connection, personal parameters, time, and historical body temperature data by default. Indoor positioning: Need to be equipped with WXR’s W01 Bluetooth gateway, which can realize non-inductive attendance and indoor positioning
  • Data accuracy and real-time
  • Strong expandability
  • Safety and convenience
  • Rapid deploymen
  • School
  • Nursing home
  • Health club
  • Hospital
  • Gymnasium
  • Prison
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