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Real-Time Temperature Monitoring System-Smart Battle Covid-19,Escort for your safety

In the current epidemic,fever is one of the most important symptom indicators of the new coronavirus, and temperature measurement has naturally become a key task in preventing the spread of the virus. Many schools have started to resume school; for schools, how to comprehensively carry out efficient temperature measurement to ensure the safety of teachers and students and the public health on campus is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. As we know ,Facing hundreds of students, the temperature measurement workload is large, time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient. Hence how to measure our temperature fastly and timely?


Is there a solution???

  • Can be monitored in real time, no one can escape
  • Continuous remote monitoring to avoid cross infectio n
  • Use lower labor costs to Control epidemic prevention

YH Real-time temperature monitoring system

Real-time monitoring Continuous tracking



system composition

Body temperature dynamic detection

Body temperature dynamic detection

Body temperature stickers or temperature bracelets

Data collection and upload

Indoor and outdoor bluetooth gateway

Real-time temperature monitoring

Remote monitoring platform

System principle:Continuously check the body temperature of students through temperature stickers (or temperature bracelets), And use the Bluetooth gateway to collect data concurrently and upload it to the cloud storage synchronously. Finally presented on the monitoring platform in numerical form, School administrators can remotely monitor the body temperature of the students on the platform.

Hardware-product features

Body temperature dynamic detection

① Adopt medical grade MAX30208 temperature sensor, clinical grade, measurement accuracy up to ± 0.1 ° C
② Low power consumption, the battery only needs to be replaced every six months
③ Waterproof Leverl : IP67 standard

① Support uplink and downlink data communication

② Low power consumption, low cost, small size, easy to deploy

③ Support 1 to many connections

④ Can be flexibly used in various scenarios

⑤ Wi-Fi rate can reach 100M, Bluetooth rate can reach 1Mbps

Real-time temperature monitoring
Real-time temperature monitoring

Body temperature stickers measurement
As accurate as a mercury thermometer
Body temperature stickers use medical grade
MAX30208 temperature sensor,Temperature
measurement accuracy is up to ± 0.1, which is as
accurate as mercury temperature measurement.

In addition, the result display is more intuitive on the platform
Mercury temperature measurement results are displayed in lines, which is both troublesome and time-consuming
The digital display of the body temperature stickers measurement results is more intuitive and clear.

Wear display

Notes:The body temperature patch is identical to the mainframe of the temperature bracelet; The difference between the two is only reflected in the way of wearing.

Real-time temperature monitoring system

Help the school easily prevent epidemic

High efficiency

The background monitors multiple devices simultaneously 

24 hours of continuous monitoring

The temperature of boarding students is also tracked in real-time

Use remote monitoring

Avoid the risk of infection by temperature measurement personnel

Single point temperature

Single-point temperature measurement + traditional handwritten data ineffective

Door temperature measurement is not continuous

Close temperature measurement

Close temperature measurement is easy to be infected


Data accuracy and real-time

Real-time monitoring of body temperature, data is updated every 1 minute, and detection accuracy is up to ± 0.1 °, Real-time rendering in the background to assist rapid decision-making

Strong expandability

The system supports expansion and upgrade, and management functions such as attendance, positioning, and student health can be added

Safety and convenience

Support local deployment and cloud deployment, data security is more guaranteed

Rapid deployment

One campus (50 classes) can be deployed in 1 day

Loading capacity

The system can access more than 1000 Bluetooth gateways at the same time, and the terminal access volume is greater than 100,000

Fast response

Using Alibaba Cloud IoT cloud platform, The system response is fast and stable, and the data confidentiality is strong



The platform can flexibly expand management functions, such as adding attendance management, score management, student health management, etc., and can be used for products such as bracelets and student id cards

System performance

Suitable for major scenes

  • School
  • Nursing home
  • Health club
  • Hospital
  • Gymnasium
  • Prison

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