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Printable UHF Soft Anti-Metal Tags

UHF flexible anti-metal tag has the characteristics of light, thin, small, and soft. It can be coded and printed at any time and can be applied to many media surfaces. For complex curved surfaces, real-time data updates, and coding, it has the characteristics of a reliable and stable application.

The label can be used instead of conventional labels in conventional self-adhesive label applications, metal, and other sensitive environments. It can be used with RFID printers to connect to the application system, generate data in real-time, and print the required content. It can be carried on-site and used immediately.

  • UHF technology can read hundreds of tags at a time
  • Reading distance is more than 4 meters
  • Can be coded and printed at any time
  • Adopt a new mechanical design, with better reading performance on metal, suitable for the outdoor environment
  • 100% non-magnetic material, can be used in the field of asset management
  • Support high-speed reading and writing
Material Coated paper + foam
Size 50*25*1.2mm/ 60*25*1.2mm/70*30*1.2mm/90*25*1.2mm/100*25*1.2mm or   Customizable
Optional chip Alien H3, NXP UCODE 8
Memory TID:96bits;EPC:96bits, Determined by the chip
Frequency 902-928MHz
Protocol ISO 18000-6C, EPC GEN 2
Colour White
Reading distance 0-5m
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
  • Tools management
  • IT case management
  • Metal container management
  • Indoor & Outdoor Metal office facilities
  • Personnel patrolling
  • Fixed assets management
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