Hand Sanitizer Wristband with RFID

Fever is one of the most important symptoms of CO-VID 19, and temperature measurement has naturally become a key task in preventing the spread of the virus. How to comprehensively perform effective temperature measurement to ensure human safety and public health is an important issue. NewOne provides a Real-time temperature monitoring system and matching bracelets to help everyone better prevent the CO-VID 19


Material: Silicone+PC+PCBA


Color: Black, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, orange


Waterproof level: IP67

Core parameter

Master: ARM–Cortex M4 core Bluetooth SOC

Bluetooth: BLE5.0

Sensor:2 medical contact temperature sensors, continuous and uninterrupted body temperature monitoring, power on and start working

Electrical performance parameters

Battery: 2032 button battery

Continuous monitoring for 7 days: maximum of 30 days (standby)

Normal use: 7 days (moderate)

Continuous temperature detection: continuous monitoring of 180 antennas (monitoring every 1 minute)

Bluetooth interface introduction

Bluetooth data broadcasting: standard Bluetooth data broadcasting, including MAC and RSSI values ​​(used for positioning), customizable by the customer (including the latest body temperature data, battery power) content is broadcast by default at 1 minute

Bluetooth API interface: The connection includes Bluetooth connection, personal parameters, time, and historical body temperature data by default.

Indoor positioning: Need to be equipped with NewOne’s W01 Bluetooth gateway, which can realize non-inductive attendance and indoor positioning

  • Data accuracy and real-time
  • Strong expandability
  • Safety and convenience
  • Rapid deployment
  • School
  • Nursing home
  • Health club
  • Hospital
  • Gymnasium
  • Prison

Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Wristbands

 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a microchip with a unique UID. Most of the chips have storage functions. The chip is combined with a wearable wristband, which is called an RFID wristband.>Read More

The RFID wristband is non-contact read by RFID readers through radio frequency identification technology, enabling data interaction, and more work requirements. Such as product entry and exit, access control, etc.

Whether the RFID wristband is waterproof depends on the packaging form of its finished product. Usually, there are several packages such as silicone, card with woven, leather, wood card with woven, inlay with paper, etc., except for inlay,waterproof effect is not good, others can be waterproof.

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