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Mini UHF Anti Metal PCB Tag with UCODE 8 Chip for asset Management

WXR Mini UHF Metal Tag​  is mainly used in indoor asset management, inspection management, and tool management, with small size, easy installation, and stable and reliable product performance. Our metal RFID tags are designed to work on a variety of metal surfaces and are very suitable for your metal surface applications.

  • Paint spraying available on its surface
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • paint spraying on the surface allows outdoor usage
  • Work smoothly when installed on the metal surface
  • 100% gone through EU label- conformity test system
  • Material texture and design both gone through reliability testing
  • Being used both domestic and abroad with good reputation
Material FR4
Colour Black
Frequency 902-928MHz
Memory EPC 128bits, Determined by the chip,More about RFID Chip
Optional chip NXP UCODE 8
Protocol ISO 18000-6C,EPC GEN 2
Reading distance 0-1m
Size 10*10mm,10*5mm
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
  • Tools management
  • IT case management
  • Metal container management
  • Indoor & Outdoor Metal office facilities
  • Personnel patrolling
  • Fixed assets management
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