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Low-Frequency 125KHz RFID Sticker with TK4100 Chip

125 kHz RFID sticker can be used for personal identification and helps protect information and data related to personal information. Usually used in warehouses or wherever asset tracking is required.


  • Working frequency:125KHz frequency
  • Easy to install
  • Material:Paper, PVC, PET
  • Optional chip:EM4100,TK4100,EM4305,T5577  etc.
  • Protocol: ISO 11784/11785
  • Color: Double color or single color, can be customized
  • Printing Option: Printable logo or customized
  • Smallest size: Diameter 20
  • Reading distance:0-10cm
  • Working Temperature:-25°C to 65°C


  • Access control
  • Starting program
  • Asset Management
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