RFID Rearview Mirror Hang Tag

NewOne RFID rearview mirror tags are very suitable for temporary access control applications, these applications do not need to be permanently fixed to the windshield, it is the best choice for access control of parking lots, gated communities, and any passing vehicles. The logo and barcode surface is printed on thick polyester to improve durability and rigidity. Like RFID windshield tags, RFID rearview mirror tags provide excellent reading range; however, unlike RFID windshield tags, RFID rearview mirror tags are completely removable and reusable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle RFID Tags

RFID tags are a kind of identification system. Vehicle RFID Tags are installed on the car to identify and track by using small RFID devices.

RFID tags are connected to electronic devices in the parking lot via radio waves to read the data stored on the tags.
When a vehicle with an rfid tag passes near an reader, the reader picks up the tag data and forwards it to a software system that tracks vehicle activity.

RFID Frequency and Range

Frequency RANGE
LF 120 – 140 kHz Maximum read range 30 cm - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
HF 13.56MHz Maximum read range 1.5 M - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
UHF 860-960MHz Maximum read range 10 meters - Special Antenna and chips - 15 meters or more
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