26 Thoughts About Nfc Tags Uses

NFC tags are taking the market by storm. Near Field Communication (NFC) is no longer new to everyone. Of course, people use it to make cashless transactions when paying at checkout.  What you don’t know is that NFC has many other different uses.  The following are some useful ideas you can use to leverage this amazing technology. 1.Wedding Invitations NFC …

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Active RFID vs. Passive RFID: What’s the Difference?

Is your business ready to adapt the RFID technology? Have you been using this technology? In what aspects are you using it for? In the past, businesses need to manually enter data and stamp tickets so customers can gain entry. Hotels only use keys to access their rooms. Nowadays, the business world has leveraged a more automated process. You can …

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What is an RFID key fob: How do they work?

So you have probably heard about RFID key fobs. If it is your first time to hear about it, you have come to the right place. Modern key fobs offer a simple way for businesses to manage entry into their establishment. A key fob is a physical device that is small enough to attach to a keychain. It opens or …

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