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Epoxy RFID Anti-Metal Bookshelf Tag

RFID anti-metal bookshelf tags are usually pasted on the bookshelf. It can manage books on the same shelf and can avoid the influence of metal shelves on labels.
RFID shelf labels are mainly made of PCB or ABS materials, coupled with an anti-metal antenna design, in addition, a layer of acrylic or glue can be attached to the surface to look more beautiful. Embedded RFID chips are usually high frequency or ultra-high frequency, you can choose freely. In addition, you can customize the size, color, craft, etc.

  • Work at 13.56 MHz or 860~960 MHz (depending on the chip).
  • The maximum working distance is 8m (depending on antenna geometry and reader configuration).
  • Good metal resistance can read and write in long distance.
  • High-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and waterproof.
  • Multi-label recognition, high sensitivity, and high speed.
  • Unique global identification code.
  • Various sizes, chips, crafts, colors you can choose.
  • Support customized services
Material PCB, ABS, Epoxy
Size dia 85*22*5mm or Customizable
Optional chip Ntag213,Ntag215,Ntag216,Mifare 1k,I CODE SLIX,Alien H3 etc.
Memory Determined by the chip
Frequency 13.56MHz,860~960MHz
Protocol ISO 14443A/15693
Colour customizable
Reading distance 0-8m
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
  • Warehouse management shelf management
  • Tools management
  • IT case management
  • Metal container management
  • Indoor & Outdoor Metal office facilities
  • Personnel patrolling
  • Fixed assets management
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