Mifare 4K Cool RFID Key Fob

This RFID key fob has a very cool appearance and uses an NXP Mifare 4k chip.

MIFARE 4k storage memory is very large, and the chip security mechanism divides the memory into multiple areas, each of which can be used independently. This product series is ideal for large-volume transactions such as transportation ticketing, time and attendance solutions, parking lots, and loyalty programs.

  • 2 options for these EM 125kHz Key FOBs:

    Pre-Defined: The FOB comes with a pre-defined 10-digit ID programmed to the card
    Writable: The FOB comes with no defined ID
    The FOB will need to be assigned a custom 10-digit ID by the user

  • Small and exquisite, easy to use and sensitive
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
  • Double waterproof: glue covering and ultrasonic pressing
  • Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From

Mifare 4K Cool RFID Key Fob size

Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Keyfob

Radio-frequency identification (RFIDkey fob is a package form of RFID tag, small, sturdy, convenient to carry, widely used in access control, all-in-one card, etc.

Smart keys work through RFID, a radio frequency identification system that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track data on "tags" that contain stored information. Transmission through magnetic field and radio waves.

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