MIFARE Classic 4K PU Leather RFID Key Fob

The PU leather RFID Key Fob surface provides waterproof protection, is easy to clean, and is equipped with a key chain for easy carrying. This leather keychain protective cover has exquisite tailoring, exquisite edge banding stitches, and crimping function, stylish and durable, and the size can be customized.

  • Small and exquisite, easy to use and sensitive.

  • High-end, atmosphere and fashion.

  • Custom key card size and shape.

  • 100% high quality and high safety.

  • Double waterproof: glue covering and ultrasonic pressing.

  • Various styles and colors are available.

Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Keyfob

Radio-frequency identification (RFIDkey fob is a package form of RFID tag, small, sturdy, convenient to carry, widely used in access control, all-in-one card, etc.

Smart keys work through RFID, a radio frequency identification system that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track data on "tags" that contain stored information. Transmission through magnetic field and radio waves.

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