Micro Smallest FPC NFC Tag

Smallest FPC  NFC Tag is based on PI substrate and etching copper technology. It has a small size, high performance, and can be used in different harsh environments. It can be installed in limited space or in small items to track and manage items, such as disinfection, catering management, and Industrial industrial automation management, and other fields. Brand protection for small, high-value products, etc. The product can also be directly embedded in your product to withstand higher temperatures.


  • Access control
  • Asset management
  • Asset tracking
  • Tiny items trackings, such as surgical tools, pharmaceuticals, or other medical supplies
  • Brand protection
  • Management small animals
  • Smart wear bracelet watch
  • Jewelry access control


  • High temperature resistance
  • Good performance stability
  • waterproof
  • Chemical Resistance,Acid & alkali resistance
  • Small size
  • Good impact resistance
  • Can be embedded in a variety of materials
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