PU Leather RFID Key Fob

The PU leather RFID Key Fob surface provides waterproof protection, is easy to clean, and is equipped with a key chain for easy carrying. This leather keychain protective cover has exquisite tailoring, exquisite edge banding stitches, and crimping function, stylish and durable, and the size can be customized.

  • Small and exquisite, easy to use and sensitive.

  • High-end, atmosphere and fashion.

  • Custom key card size and shape.

  • 100% high quality and high safety.

  • Double waterproof: glue covering and ultrasonic pressing.

  • Various styles and colors are available.

Material: PU Leather


Optional chip: EM4305,EM4200,MIFARE Classic 1K, MIFARE Classic 4K, and MIFARE DESFire

Memory: Determined by the chip


Protocol:ISO11784/11785,ISO 14443A

Craft: gravure printing, bronzing, radium carving


Reading distance:0-10cm

Working Temperature:-25°C to 65°C


  • Replace access card
  • Member Management
  •  School canteen meal card
  • Car key

Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Keyfob

Radio-frequency identification (RFIDkey fob is a package form of RFID tag, small, sturdy, convenient to carry, widely used in access control, all-in-one card, etc.

Smart keys work through RFID, a radio frequency identification system that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track data on "tags" that contain stored information. Transmission through magnetic field and radio waves.

RFID Frequency and Range

Frequency RANGE
LF 120 – 140 kHz Maximum read range 30 cm - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
HF 13.56MHz Maximum read range 1.5 M - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
UHF 860-960MHz Maximum read range 10 meters - Special Antenna and chips - 15 meters or more
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