RFID Blocking Card

RFID Blocking Card is a specifically designed card that protects your debit card, credit card or any other card from being scanned without your permission, protecting you from any theft or unknown scanners. In short, an RFID blocking card helps you protect your hard-earned money and personal data.

How does RFID Blocking Card Work?

When you place the RFID blocking card above or below your credit or debit card, it creates an electronic field of about 3cm-radius that makes it invisible to any unknown nearby scanner, ultimately protecting your information from theft.

Benefits of RFID Blocking Card

·        Provides Security

Our RFID Blocking card protects your credit cards, electric door passes, licenses or passports, etc., from any kind of electronic theft.

·        User-Oriented

You no longer have to go to extreme measures to protect your credit card information by wrapping it in foil or any other means of protection. All you have to do is keep your credit card or debit card with our RFID card,and all your information will be protected.

·        No Need for Battery

The RFID Blocking Card lasts forever. It has its own energy utilizing mechanism, where it harnesses its power from RFID scanners.

·        Compact

It is slim, compact and easy to use. It is as large as your card and an easy fit in your wallet, pocket, or cardholder.

·        Auto Power Adjustment

It has an auto power adjusting technology that ensures that your RFID-enabled cards are protected against powerful RFID scanning systems.

·        Advanced Technology

The technology that the card uses to jam the frequencies are electromagnetic waves used in military applications.


What Are We Offering?

Get durability and protection from the best RFID blocking card there is!

·        Durability

Our RFID blocking cards are durable and last forever without battery or charging.

·        Waterproof

They are 100% waterproof and compact; you can take them anywhere with you.

·        Smart Product

Our products are of the highest quality that sustains thorough testing before they are delivered to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Card

An RFID card refers to an identification badge/ credit card designed to transfer data to an RFID interrogator. The card contains an RFID tag with sufficient memory to capture valid cardholder's information. Also, the RFID card can be made from different materials, including plastic and PVC. 

RFID card is a packaging form of RFID Tag in an RFID system.RFID uses radio waves to accomplish this task. Simply put, an RFID system consists of three components: RFID tags or smart tags, RFID readers, and antennas. The RFID tag contains an integrated circuit and an antenna, and the RFID reader provides energy to the RFID tag for wireless data exchange.

RFID cards include low frequency cards, high frequency cards and UHF frequency cards.

RFID cards are widely used in access control management, hotel management, all-in-one card management, library management, membership management, student management, public transportation, parking management, etc.

There are many RFID cards with different chips and processes, and the price ranges from 10 cents to 55 dollars. It depends on the type of RFID card, the card's processing process, the number of orders, and other factors. If you want to buy some RFID cards, you can contact us. We will provide you with a reasonable quotation based on the RFID card you want.

RFID Frequency and Range

Frequency RANGE
LF 120 – 140 kHz Maximum read range 30 cm - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
HF 13.56MHz Maximum read range 1.5 M - Special Antenna and Tags - 2 meters
UHF 860-960MHz Maximum read range 10 meters - Special Antenna and chips - 15 meters or more
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