Social Distencing Smart Band

The selling point of this smart bracelet is Temperature bracelets, social distance alerts. When the distance between the two wristbands is less than 1-3m, the wristband will vibrate and give an alert. For more detailed information, please contact us.

  • 24h body temperature curve, temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1℃, exclusive patent temperature algorithm, support of wrist and oxter test. The temperature measurement accuracy of many contact-type integration calibration-free temperature chip arrays reaches 0.1 ℃ (sensor: CT1711MCR))

  • When the wearer receives the bracelet warning, please take the initiative to stay away from others, the bracelet will stop warning,
  • When back to the safe area, can be in the “interface” long press, can stop the warning

 Reference dimension of the whole machine: Bracelet dimension: 235mm*22mm*13.5mm

Package: 100 pieces/box:Dimension of single color box: 130mm*75mm*25mm 

Machine weight: Net weight of WRISTBANDS: 46g ,Gross Weight: 4.56 kg

Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and multinational language

Color: black, red and blue

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Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Wristbands

 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a microchip with a unique UID. Most of the chips have storage functions. The chip is combined with a wearable wristband, which is called an RFID wristband.>Read More

The RFID wristband is non-contact read by RFID readers through radio frequency identification technology, enabling data interaction, and more work requirements. Such as product entry and exit, access control, etc.

Whether the RFID wristband is waterproof depends on the packaging form of its finished product. Usually, there are several packages such as silicone, card with woven, leather, wood card with woven, inlay with paper, etc., except for inlay,waterproof effect is not good, others can be waterproof.

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