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Alien H3 UHF 860-960 MHz Vehicle RFID Tire Tag

UHF Gen 2 RFID tire tags are electronic tags encapsulated in rubber. The label is attached to the tire inner tube through a permanent adhesive through a special formula of double curing chemical or heating process. It is suitable for tire factories, automobile factory tires, racing tracks, and vehicle management.

  • Frequency: 860 to 960 MHz, applicable worldwide.
  • Reading range: With built-in tires, the reading distance can reach 5 meters (16 feet).
  • The flexible structure can withstand the deformation of the tire throughout its service life (up to 12 years).
  • User data can be read and written to the internal memory of the tag.
  • 512 bits of user memory.
  • Factory-programmed label identification number to prevent cloning

RFID tire tags can store a lot of data about tires, such as tire fuel efficiency, rolling friction, and noise. Countries can track tire performance to know whether tires meet national standards.
Why install RFID tags on tires? Many countries/regions have introduced laws and regulations on car tires, which must carry RFID tags. For example, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and some European countries.

Material rubber
Size 95*35*2mm
Optional chip :Alien Higgs-3
Memory EPC 96bits, Determined by the chip
Frequency 860-960MHz
Protocol ISO 18000-6C,EPC GEN 2
Reading distance 0-5m
Working Temperature -40° to +230°C
  • Tire tracking and management.
  • Annual inspection management.
  • Racing management
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