Temperature Wristband

CO-VID 19 has seriously affected people’s lives and health. All prevention of CO-VID 19 has become an indispensable part of our lives. It is very necessary to maintain a safe social distance and check our body temperature at all times. NewOne launched The temperature measuring bracelet and system hope to help more people.

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Scial distance Smart Band

Home Social Distencing Smart Band The selling point of this smart bracelet is Temperature bracelets, social distance alerts. When the distance between the two wristbands is less than 1-3m, the wristband will vibrate and give an alert. For more detailed information, please contact us. Get …

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Real-time temperature monitoring bracelet

Real-time temperature monitoring bracelet

Home Hand Sanitizer Wristband with RFID Fever is one of the most important symptoms of CO-VID 19, and temperature measurement has naturally become a key task in preventing the spread of the virus. How to comprehensively perform effective temperature measurement to ensure human safety and …

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