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RFID Laundry Tags: Why You Should Use Them

RFID Laundry Tags Why You Should Use Them

RFID laundry tags are essential in managing laundry work in institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, medical garments, uniforms, and other janitorial supplies.

Places such as hotels, hospitals, and factories handle large volumes of laundry, making it quite challenging to have error-free cleaning exercises. RFID laundry tags offer one of the most reliable techniques for resolving this problem.

These tags enhance linen identification and traceability, making linen inventory management a breeze. Read on for more details.

What is an RFID Laundry Tag?

These are washable RFID tags attached to linens for ease of tracking. They have a microchip that stores data regarding specific linens.

Additionally, these RFID laundry tags have an antenna that receives signals from an RFID reader. This enables the reader to collect the data and send it to the RFID laundry system for analysis and processing.

The tags are designed to withstand harsh detergents, chemicals, compression, sterilization, and high temperatures. As such, you can use any washing technique.

How RFID Laundry Tags Work

These RFID laundry washable tags enable you to sort, clean, and manage your laundry inventory effortlessly. The RFID tags are attached to each linen.

An RFID reader sends radio waves received by the tag’s antenna. The RFID tag then releases all the stored data specific to a given piece of laundry. This simple process will help you determine the laundry type and send it to the right washing area/washing machine. The reading process takes seconds!

Some RFID readers can read multiple tags, making it easy to handle large laundry volumes in a short time. To enjoy the benefits, you should follow the following simple steps:

  1. Acquire RFID Laundry Tags

Buying the RFID laundry tag is the most critical step in starting a functional RFID laundry management system. When buying the tags, you should always confirm that the RFID tags are waterproof.

The laundry tags must be built using flexible materials that make attachment easy. You can get these tags from any store around you at affordable places. Buying in bulk will offer you better discounts, thus making the process of establishing an RFID laundry management system cheaper.

  1. RFID Label Sewing/ Attachment 

Once you acquire your RFID laundry tags, you should attach them to your linens. Each of your clothes should have an RFID tag.

Sewing is the simplest method that you can use to attach RFID tags to your linens. Ensure that you choose a strategic place for ease of scanning.

  1. Encoding

These RFID laundry tags should contain information that is unique to the specific linen type. For example, it can have the name, department, unique ID, and last date of cleaning, among many other details that will simplify inventory management.

Once you encode all the data, you will be required to upload the file to the server to establish an accurate electronic file. This process helps you to identify cleaning gaps and rectify them before they wreak havoc.

  1. Check All Linen to Be Washed

It would help if you gathered all your dirty linen in one location. You’ll then use an RFID reader to get the exact quantity of the linen to be washed.

Ensure that you record each linen’s unique ID and all the details electronically into the RFID laundry management system.

  1. Check Linen after Washing

Once the cleaning process is complete, you should check all the linen using an RFID reader. This stage is crucial since it helps you to notice linen losses at an early stage. If any of the linen is missing, you’ll then follow up with the cleaning department.

  1. Linen Sorting

Once you confirm that you have all the linen, you should use each linen’s unique ID to sort them depending on their department and users.

When you’re through with sorting, you will then pack the linen based on the departments. You will then deliver clean linen to each department for distribution to the staff.

Benefits of Using RFID Laundry Tags

Using RFID laundry tags increases tracking accuracy and promotes cleanliness in institutions. Here is a comprehensive analysis of all the advantages of using RFID laundry tags:

  • Simplify Manual Sorting

When dealing with many clothes, it can be hectic to sort them. While this process can be time-consuming, it is necessary since different linens require different cleaning approaches.

In factories, hotels, hospitals, and other large institutions, a team of up to 8 people undertakes the sorting process! This is not only time-consuming but also costly.

Using an RFID laundry management system makes the sorting process a breeze. The RFID tags used in this process are waterproof, allowing you to clean the laundry without the worry of destroying them.

  • Provide Reliable Wash Count Data

The number of times you wash a garment determines its end-of-life date. As such, you should always keep accurate data on the number of washes any laundry has undergone. This process will ensure that employees are protected against using defective uniforms and unsafe linens.

When you use RFID laundry tags, you will have all the data regarding specific linens on the laundry management system. As such, you can detect as a garment nears its end-of-life date and restock, thus ensuring the garments’ constant availability.

  • Easy Inventory Management

Misplacement of uniforms and other crucial linens in an institution can delay service delivery or the production process. This will result in a loss of working hours, a disorganized workplace, and reduced productivity.

As such, you should always use RFID laundry tags to track every linen and ensure that the owners get them in time.

Additionally, an accurate RFID laundry management system eliminates human error that would otherwise lead to theft and losses. A unique ID for each garment enables you to identify the exact garment that was lost/stolen and the last person to handle it. This way, employees will handle all linen with care.

  • Manage Customer Information

If you’re in the business of renting laundry, an effective RFID laundry system will help you to manage your customers.

You will easily document the renter, date rented, rent duration, and other crucial details. The data will help you to analyze customers’ preferences, thus enabling targeted marketing.

Additionally, you will be able to manage your garments’ check-in and check-out timings. This way, you can manage customers by giving the exact date when the desired laundry will be available.

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