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RFID Access Control Bracelets

RFID Access Control Bracelets

Have you ever hosted an event and found there are just too many people on the line? Well, it is not only that. You could be a bar owner or someone who wants to host an event. However, you also want everything to be organized.

Well, it is time we introduce you to the RFID access control bracelets. These are rubber bracelets that attendees usually wear in an event. It’s not just an accessory. It serves as a ticket to get a pass into an event.

Nowadays, everything is paperless. Instead of issuing tickets, you could give out RFID bracelets at your event. It is stylish and convenient.

How Does RFID Access Control Bracelets Work?

RFID access control bracelets use RFID technology. It is a contactless technology that event managers to give attendees access to the event. Businesses also use it to control offices, buildings, schools, and campuses. You may also use it to secure entry for a clubhouse, warehouse, or access to your event.

How does this happen? Well, it is not magic. Access control bracelets have a chip inside them that uses RFID. This chip transmits the unique data of a wristband to a terminal. It uses radio waves making it very fast. When you scan your access bracelet, the terminal will confirm your identity in a second.

The technology enables specialist readers or scanners to capture data. The data comes from an RFID tag than to the back-end computer system. There is no need for physical contact.

Is an RFID access control bracelet the same as a barcode wristband?

RFID and barcode systems are two different things. While both require canning to get access to data they have contrasting functionality. The following are some differences between the two technologies.

Read Rate

An RFID access bracelet can scan a million tags in a second. It reads fast making it ideal for event admissions. The barcode wristband is slower. It can only read codes one at a time.

Line of Sight

An RFID tag can be read on the front and back. As long as you maintain the proper distance, you will have no problem with the bracelet. A barcode bracelet lets you read data from the front only. It requires the line of sight to be perfectly followed.


RFID can be automated via a portal or integrated gate. It allows patrons to tap their tag on entry to an event. Barcode bracelets require human interaction and accurate scanning.


RFID bracelets are more durable than a barcode. It uses various non-conductive materials that make them sturdy. Barcode bracelets do not use this type of material. They can easily get broken when the weather condition is poor. If you are hosting an outdoor event we suggest using RFID bracelets. It can withstand any weather condition. Even if it is rain it can still function and scan.


RFID access control bracelet is very hard to copy. Unlike barcodes, they do not have visible numbers in front. All codes are embedded on a chip. The database access is also encrypted. Even if it is stolen, one could not easily hack it. This is why it is very common for events to use. On the other hand, barcodes have lower security features. We have read much news about barcode tickets being copied. Since the codes are visible anyone can easily duplicate them.

Benefits of RFID Access Control Bracelets

A lot of businesses are upscaling their customer experience nowadays. Inventing RFID access control bracelets is just one of them. The following are some benefits of RFID bracelets for your business.

It enhances Security

RFID wristbands are non-transferable. They are very secure and are great at preventing unauthorized access. It prevents lost or stolen tickets if you are operating an event. You can also use it for your clubhouse. This helps you eliminate long lines of people who are waiting to get in. The best thing about it? You can deactivate it anytime. A guest simply needs to inform the staff that their wristband has been lost.

It increases engagement

Nothing is more charming than offering high-tech access to customers. Customers are always hyped whenever there is something new. Most importantly, it reduces purchasing experience and limits transaction time. When your transaction goes faster, it increases revenue. It makes a lot of satisfied customers.

You can integrate it with social media

RFID bracelets can be integrated into social media. When a guest links their social media profile to their RFID access bracelets, they can check-in your event automatically. Plus they can tag photos and mention them on their social media.

Your attendees could be walking the talk for you. It increases brand exposure and provides viral marketing opportunities.

It gives customer instant access

Once your customers have an RFID bracelet you can give them instant access to your event.

All they need to do is scan it at the kiosk. It eliminates mistakes in identity and unwanted guests.

There have been some issues with RFID bracelets. Your attendees should not worry though. RFID bracelets can only function in a short distance. Thus you cannot use it to track locations. It only works when you present it at a designated kiosk. It is very safe and secure.

It transforms every aspect of your event or hotel

RFID access bracelets help you streamline entry. It also helps you connect with your audience at a different level. Patrons no longer have to carry tickets or wallets. All they need to do is wear the bracelet anywhere and get access whenever they go back. It helps entrance guards keep track of who enters. It helps you optimize your event for your customers.

It is fashionable

You can choose different styles and colors for your RFID bracelet. Your style or design can largely depend on your event. This makes it a very good marketing tool. For example, you can have a blue wristband with your logo on it. When people see it, they eventually know it is yours.

Join the ever-growing industries that use RFID access control bracelets. Tap into how you can improve customer experience by connecting with a professional.

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