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Why You Need RFID Jewelry Tags?

Why You Need RFID Jewelry Tags

If you sell high-value jewelry, then an RFID jewelry tag management system is a necessity. It helps you keep count of your jewelry and track movements, thus minimizing theft.

If you want to know more about the benefits of having a functional RFID jewelry tracking and inventory system, then read on. This article answers all your questions.

How RFID Jewelry Management System Works

Your ideal RFID jewelry management system comprises an RFID reader, RFID microchip, antennae, and carrier. RFID Jewelry Tag is small and specially designed to be attached even to your most miniature jewelry without a hassle.

The RFID reader produces radio waves that are essential in sending inquiries to the RFID tags through antennas.

Once the tag receives the signals, it releases information contained in its microchip. The data is then transferred to an integrated software for analysis and interpretation. This process takes less than one minute!

Some of the data you can store in the RFID chip in jewelry tags include the unique identification number, date of purchase, weight, and percentage purity. Additionally, it will show the date and time of sale, enabling you to monitor sales and stock levels in real-time.

RFID technology has three primary wavelengths, including Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF). However, RFID jewelry tags primarily use two different wavelengths, including:

  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Jewelry Tags – Most preferred jewelry RFID tag
  • High Frequency (HF) Jewelry Tags

UHF jewelry tags are the most widely used due to their relatively wide read range, allowing jewelry shop owners to track jewels within a larger domain. Additionally, UHF tag jewelry works perfectly on metallic surfaces.

The manufacturers can model RFID tags to give you a personalized touch. You can decide to have them as an RFID jewelry card, a simple RFID key fob, or an RFID jewelry label.

Once you get your desired tag, you will hang it/ attach it to your jewelry. You’ll then connect it to an overall RFID software. Whenever the tag is scanned, it will provide information on a screen about the value, purity, weight, and other useful jewelry details.

However, it would help if you were careful when choosing the jewelry RFID tag. Ensure that it does not affect the appearance of the jewelry in any way.

Why Invest in RFID Jewelry Solutions?

Investing in the best RFID tags for jewelry will give you the confidence that nobody can tamper with your inventory. The system has a microchip with sufficient memory to store data about all your jewels.

Every time you source jewels for sale, you should scan them through the RFID reader to have an up-to-date inventory database. Thus, you’ll conveniently track all your jewel stock in real-time.

The RFID tag jewelry inventory system is, without a doubt, a solution to theft and mishandling of your jewel stock. Here are the reasons why the RFID jewelry management system is a must-have:

  • The Sensitive Nature of the Jewelry Industry. The industry deals with expensive yet small products that require a sophisticated management system to avoid loss. Also, high-value jewelry classes are produced on a small scale, and the failure of a single piece of jewelry will translate to a massive loss in revenue. As such, digital analysis of your stock will guarantee business profitability.
  • Improves Corporate Image. When using an RFID jewelry management system, you’ll serve your customers with unmatched efficacy. Professionalism will earn your customer trust, thus improving your capital turnover.
  • Protects Operation Systems. Smart RFID management system improves inventory management, receipt & invoice issuance, and reduces theft rate significantly.
  • Cuts Cost of Operations. An RFID inventory system quickens the sales process and enables you to take your jewelry stocks in seconds! It reduces human error while cutting labor costs.

RFID vs. Barcode Jewelry Management Systems

I already have a barcode tracking system; why would I need an RFID jewelry tag? If you’ve been battling with this question, then you need to know that you’ll get more efficacy, speed, and security with an RFID jewelry system than you’re getting with your barcode system.

Below is a list of reasons why you should switch to an RFID jewelry management system.

  1. RFID Management System is Reliable. Unlike barcode systems, RFID Jewelry tags are durable and damage-proof. Additionally, the tags allow you to re-write information about your jewelry pieces, thus making it easy to update changes in the market.
  2. Ease of Reading RFID Tags for Jewelry. With an RFID system, you can read multiple tags, and no line of sight is needed. These features will guarantee convenience and efficacy.
  3. Durability. When using barcodes, you risk losing the information if the tags become dirty and greasy. Upgrading to an RFID jewelry management system alleviate these fears. RFID jewelry tags are washable and bendable, and their longevity is guaranteed.

RFID jewelry management system offers unmatched benefits. It helps in managing the flow of your high-value items, thus guaranteeing efficacy.

Additionally, you can use the system to manage your private jewelry collection. This way, you’ll be able to know their location all the time.

In case you misplace it in the house, it will be easy for you to locate it. You will also quickly know when it moves out of your domain, making it easy to intercept any thief before they make away with the expensive gems.

How RFID Tags on Jewelry Affect Your Business Decisions

Tagging your jewelry using RFID tags has more benefits than just inventory management and tracking. It enables you to collect data that you can use when making purchasing and marketing decisions.

If you integrate LED displays into your RFID jewelry management system, you’ll be able to display real-time data to your customers. This approach will improve brand image and credibility among buyers.

Even better, LED integration enables you to track crucial data about specific jewelry. It will show how many times customers requested the item’s details. Using this information, you can understand customers:

  • Consumption behavior
  • Tastes and preferences
  • Favorite brands
  • Ideal shopping hours

With this data, you’ll be able to make market-driven decisions, thus making it easy to meet your customers’ needs. Consequently, you’ll achieve a better customer experience and increase your sales.

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