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What Can RFID Laundry Tracking Do For You?

What Can RFID Laundry Tracking Do For You

Do you keep up with the trend in the commercial laundry industry? If you are up-to-date with the latest news, you will find that RFID technology is one of the hottest topics at the moment.

Radio Frequency Identification Tracking has been around for quite a while. However, you may not have realized its full potential just yet. Nowadays, a lot of commercial businesses are using this technology.

It helps laundry businesses track inventory and ensure work precision. Read on and learn how the RFID Laundry Tag can help your business.

What is an RFID Laundry Tag?

Before anything else, let us describe what an RFID Laundry Tag is. It is a passive RFID tag that is soft and flexible. Laundry services use it to track garments when washing and drying. It is normally attached to the garments. It can withstand numerous laundry cycles and heat. A typical RFID laundry tag can endure 200 cycles and withstand 60 bars of pressure.

The RFID Laundry tag is soft but robust. It does not easily wear out and it has a special purpose – that is to track garments. You can embed it on large linens, blankets, comforters, rugs, and even carpets. This way, you can track and process control over the items.

Who is the RFID Laundry Tag For?

Many establishments can benefit from RFID laundry tags. The hospitality industry keeps track of large amounts of laundry. These include hotels, spas, and resorts that have to spend a lot of time keeping track of large amounts of laundry. Besides hard labor and operational expense, establishments can also encounter loss and theft. However, you cannot afford this type of scenario lest your business expenses.

If you are one of these industries, you would benefit from RFID technology. This technology helps both small and big-scale businesses to track their laundry. It offers an automated laundry tracking system that records laundry accurately. When you have RFID in place, you’ll eventually overcome business issues. These include theft, loss, and poor performance. Additionally, it makes the laundry process very simple. You should have RFID especially if you need to deal with a massive laundry.

Advantages of RFID Laundry Tags

Are you also intrigued with what RFID laundry tags can do to your business? Here are some of the advantages you can get from this interesting technology.

RFID linen tracking can reduce laundry costs

Many believe that RFID technology can reduce the cost of a given distribution center. If you operate a commercial laundry, you would benefit from it. Having RFID on your linen helps you track things faster. You can save on for inventory check-ins, inventory counts, and packing times. This type of technology can also conduct verification. You don’t only save on the time spent on the processes. But you also save on the cost of spending extra cash to hire someone to do these tasks. It cuts down manpower and helps you save on resources.

RFID technology is faster than barcode labels

The RFID laundry tag is more durable than traditional barcode labels. Barcode labels can fade and fall off. It cannot withstand prolonged washing and pressure. Sunlight and strong detergent can also damage barcodes. On the other hand, RFID tags are more durable. They have features that can withstand sterilization cycles and they are also weatherproof.

Moreover, RFID laundry tags can hold more data than ordinary barcode systems. The latter can only hold a serial number but RFID laundry tags can include more information. You can access data from remote locations without connecting to the back-end database.

It facilitates faster textile identification and control

You don’t have to manually monitor textiles anymore. RFID makes sorting infinite stacks of linen a lot easier. It can identify each piece with a unique tag. It lets you track laundry more expediently. Through this technology, you will know which item belongs to which client. You will also know what cleaning process is required. You will also know when the cleaning process is completed.

You can attach RFID tags to each laundry item. Then the RFID reader will transmit signals and read the tag. After reading the tag, the reader automatically enters data into the software. The latter converts these data into information that you can see on a computer system.

RFID is an efficient technology. Unlike manual sorting, it processes data to your screen in seconds. It removes the need to spend hours arranging stuff in your business.

It allows better control over your inventory

RFID allows operators to ensure that stocks are always maintained. Manual processing is prone to errors. However, RFID technology helps you identify and track linens in minutes. It prevents loss and theft. It ensures accountability among employees and clients.

Having stolen items indicates a deficiency in performance. It implicates poor inventory count and can result in potential delays. In a laundry service, trust is very important to customers. You don’t want your customers worrying about where their items went. This is true especially that most of them can be expensive. RFID laundry tags do not only improve your item inventory and tracking. It ensures a highly efficient process that customers will love coming back.

It streamlines your workflow

Another advantage of RFID technology is that it simplifies your workflow. You will observe that your laundry attendants are more organized. It promotes efficiency by combining technology with your capabilities. Since it is automatic, you can use it to monitor which laundry needs washing and which one needs sending out.

It helps you monitor the wash counts

Some linen requires a certain count of high-powered wash cycles before wearing out. Some linens can withstand pressure but some cannot. So, how do you make sure that you’re doing the proper wash for a specific type of linen? This is where the RFID technology.

Attach it to the textile to identify which clothing requires several wash cycles. The RFID technology will do the estimation and identification of the end-of-life date. It helps you keep a record and track everything that is going on with everything you wash.

Using this data, you can plan when you need to replace it. Or you can inform your customer of the situation and present data if needed.

It helps you validate pick-up and delivery

RFID helps you establish a pick-up and delivery verification system. Aside from the fact that it makes your life easier, it assures your customers that their items are secure. Using the technology, you can monitor which items have been picked up and dispatched on time. The tracking and monitoring are very easy. Moreover, it is very easy to install and implement in your laundry business.

It provides reasonable customer information

Companies that rent textiles or apparel can learn about the unique features of each cloth. When you sew the RFID tags on rented items, you can document information like rent date, previous rental, and duration of the rental.

Next, scan the item on a device. Then your computer will display the information you just entered. You will see the history of the item and you can share information with the customer when necessary. This will also help customers make smarter decisions. You can also share customer preferences that are critical for customer satisfaction.

It eliminates tracking errors

Probably the best benefit of having RFID laundry tags is that it eliminates errors. At least 20 percent of business expenses go to errors. In these times, you cannot afford to lose a single penny. It goes back against your capital and later you will realize that there are not enough contingency funds to cover it anymore.

With RFID, you can avoid common errors in the laundry. This includes mixing up inventory, repeating the cleaning, damaged items, and misdelivery. It helps you avoid spending hours processing loads of laundry.

Since the RFID technology helps you automate tasks, it makes the entire process easy-breezy. It is very efficient and reliable.

It improves customer relations

Customers love information. One way of taking care of your customers is by giving them what they need. Thanks to the RFID laundry tags you can practice more transparency in your business.

Using this technology, you can implement live reporting capability. It allows easy interaction and coordination with your clients. It gives them clarity over how you process laundry. This information can include wash cycles, inventory levels, receipts, and billings.

When you have this in hand, you can also make better decisions when people approach you for laundry. The best thing about it is that you can update data automatically. With a click of the mouse, you can edit and save data.

Your Best Takeaway!

The RFID technology uses the power of automation. It does not only improve service. It helps any commercial laundry business to improve its operation. When you incorporate the right system into your facility, you can now enjoy high-tech laundry tracking management. Take your service to the next level with RFID tracking. Your laundry service will never be the same again.

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